Once Upon a Time in Mauthausen

Dokumentary Film (1hr 01 min)
Premiere at the Vienna Jewish Film Festival 2011. TV 2015

“How do people live in cities whose names recall sites of terror? Auschwitz, Dachau, and Mauthausen are just a few examples. After the short film ‘May in Mauthausen,’ about a poem written in a concentration camp, Susanne Ayoub made the documentary film ‘Once Upon a Time in Mauthausen.’ The film shows scenes from the Mauthausen of today, portraying the variety of ways in which a city deals with its past. The director dedicated her film to the French writer Jean Cayrol (1911–2005), who was taken prisoner as a member of the Résistance in 1942 and transported to the concentration camp Mauthausen-Gusen.” (From the program booklet of the Jewish Film Festival)


Translation Geoffrey C. Howes

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