Alma’s Little Photographer. A Film.

Dokumentary Film (70min.)
TV 2015. UA Cinema 2016

A film based on the radio feature of the same name

Eldery Mr. Rietenauer lived amidst his memories. “Every nook and cranny in my apartment says hello to me,” he said. Seven of his ninety years were so extraordinary that they shaped the rest of his life. As a small, destitute boy at a Christmas party given by the Social Democrat Julius Tandler, he suddenly found himself face to face with a sophisticated society woman. He never forgot the look in her steel-blue eyes, her embrace, her fragrance. The woman’s name was Alma Mahler-Werfel.

Erich Rietenauer mit Foto von Alma Mahler-Werfel und Manon Gropius
Erich Rietenauer with a photo of Alma Mahler-Werfel and Manon Gropius

Spiegelmensch - Franz Werfel

This trick of creation
is satantically clever.

Woman stays cool,
man’s more eager than ever.

She glows afterwards and looks at the clock.
Thus betrayal and nature never go out of stock.

— from Franz Werfel’s “Spiegelmensch” (Mirror-Man)


Uraufführung im Film-Casino am 8. Februar 2016
Premiere at the Film-Casino, February 8, 2016

Translation Geoffrey C. Howes