The Grocer of Gross Gerungs

Radio Feature
ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)


51 MIN. 03 SEC.

The story of the farmer’s daughter from the Lower Austrian countryside who fell in love with a businessman and came to Gross Gerungs, where in those days the streets were not yet paved, the farmers went shopping in a horse cart, and the steam train from Gmünd made its last stop.

Gerungs was at the end of the world. How she learned to run a general store in a cramped space with her husband, her in-laws, and two small children … Today the former grocer sits at the cash register in her son’s supermarket. Occasionally, when time permits, she also writes poetry. And she is not one bit nostalgic.

Es war einmal in Groß Gerungs.Foto: privat
Once upon a time in Groß Gerungs…
Groß Gerungs Greissler 60er Jahre. Foto: privat
The general store in the 1960s.


Greisslerei 80er Jahre. Foto: privat
The 1980s … how about a cup of coffee?
Die schnelle Gerti. Foto: privat
Speedy Gerti! Still on the go to this day.

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Die Dampflok fährt nach Groß Gerungs
Die Greisslerin von Groß Gerungs