OE1 Kunstsonntag – New Texts: Susanne Ayoub “THE COMMISSION”

SUNDAY, JUNI, 11,  9:40 p.m.
OE1 Kunstsonntag (Arts’ Sunday) New Texts:
“THE COMMISSION” is an interpretation of René Magritte’s Painting ‘La Mémoire’.
A quotation from story:


“The similitude, the most important criterium in portraiture, was there: the beautiful, regular features, the gentle, restrained gaze, the pensive mouth. And then it suddenly morphed into a girl’s face, and every correction only increased that impression. At the last sitting, David saw the bust before John could cover it up. ‘You’ve got to change that,’ he said. ‘My father wouldn’t like it.”




Translation of the OE1 Website:
Fatal Rivalry
“OE1 Art Stories”: “The Commission”. Susanne Ayoub on “La Mémoire” by René Magritte. Read by Petra Nagenkögel. Editor: Edith-Ulla Gasser

11 June 2023, 9:40 pm
It is a mysterious motif from the Belgian Surrealist painter René Magritte, which he executed in several variations. Magritte’s depiction of a sculptured head inspired the Viennese author Susanne Ayoub to write this “Ö1 Art Story,” in which she gives this art object a new provenance and interpretation.

Translation Geoffrey C. Howes