Gerard Manley Hopkins Poetry Festival 2017

Susanne Ayoub was invited to the international Gerard Manley Hopkins Poetry Festival in Kildare, Ireland

21 – 28 July,  2017

Susanne Ayoub reads from the books of poetry SPRICHST DU MIT MIR / You talking to Me and LIEBE / Love. On Fulfilled, Unrequited, and Faded Love.

Nedra Bickham reads the translations into American English by Geoffrey Howes (in collaboration with Nedra Bickham)


Bridle, a drawing by Rima Al-Juburi

Your eyes’ nightvelvet
moonskin mild
breathless storm
in the shade of your lashes

aus dem Amerikanischen Geoffrey Howes

Rivers of Babylon, Watercolor by Rima Al-Jubur

Your Elements
The velvet of your eyes
As tender as the moon
tongue of fire
breathless storm
in the shadow of your lashes

aus dem Amerikanischen Nedra Bickham


A short poem from the book SPRICHST DU MIT MIR / You Talking to Me, but Geoffrey Howes’s and Nedra Bickham’s translations, both created in collaboration with the author, differ significantly.

The pictures by Rima Al-Juburi are reproduced in the book.


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