WE IN OUR TIME: A Reading with Film and Music

7:00 PM
Breitenseer Lichtspiele Cinema, Breitenseer Straße 21, 1140 Wien

with Susanne Ayoub and Christl Greller and Stefan Reiser

A reading by Susanne Ayoub from “Rondo Veneziano”:
As a Jewish child, Pauline was forced to leave Vienna in 1938. After the war she returns to Europe. She is able to fulfill her dream of touring Italy’s artistic treasures. Her last stop is Venice. On the way from Padua to Venice, she meets Lauro, the son of a long-established Armenian family of glassmakers. It is love at first sight, and Pauline will never again leave Venice.
“Rondo Veneziano” is more than a mystery novel; it is also the tale of a unique city and the people who live there.