BUCHWIEN ORF-Bühne / Vienna International Book Fair, ORF Stage


Friday November 11, 2016 1:00 p.m.
Discussion and reading

Der Edelsteingarten / The Jewel Garden
Cover Der Edelsteingarten

Laura and Younis meet on Christmas Eve of 1955. On New Year’s Eve they are already a couple. Despite all warnings, the woman from Vienna follows the Iraqi to his native city. A migration from bleak postwar Vienna to the flourishing metropolis of Baghdad. But beyond the villas of the affluent, the idyll comes to an end. A bloody assassination of members of the royal family topples the monarchy. Revolution and civil war are the result. Nothing remains as it was. Younis too becomes a different man. Laura realizes she has married a stranger.

Moderator: Karoline Thaler, Ö1