BREAD AND ROSES by Susanne Ayoub


ORF Radio – Ö1 in the series “HÖRBILDER” (Audio Images), Saturday April 18, 2020, 9:05 a.m. (available for 7 additional days at

with Gerti Drassl, Silvia Meisterle, Johanna Tomek, Karl Menrad, Wolfgang Rupert Muhr, Klaus Uhlich, Aimie Rehburg, and guest appearances by Markus Hering and Floran Teichtmeister. Directed by Susanne Ayoub. Sound by Robert Pavlecka. Edited by Elisabeth Stratka.


1919: One hundred and one years ago, Austrian women could vote for the first time. The path leading there had been long and rough. Susanne Ayoub presents portraits of two of the steadfast champions of a woman’s right to vote in her audio piece “Bread and Roses”: the middle-class writer Rosa Mayreder fought for the education and social recognition of women; the Social Democratic politician Adelheid Popp represented the interests of working women, especially the demand that to this day has not been met: equal pay for equal work.

Translation Geoffrey Howes