23. November – Paul Celans 100. Geburtstag

The original title of my article was “Tiefsee einer Seele” (Deep Sea of a Soul), after a quotation from Celan’s first book, “Der Traum vom Traume” (The Dream of the Dream).

November 23 –  Paul Celan’s 100th Birthday

Translation Geoffrey Howes

Paul Celan in Vienna:
“I didn’t stay long. I didn’t find what I had hoped to find.”
Still, he left an indelible trace in Vienna. 

On the occasion of his hundredth birthday, in the weekend edition “ALBUM” in the “Standard”:


 In December 1947, Paul Celan illegally crossed the Austrian border.



The bell tower of Schallendorf after World War II. From the town chronicle. Photographer unknown.



 “… and after knocking on every darkly trembling window, I ended up in the very last farmstead in that village. It was called Schallendorf.”