A Man with Qualities: Werner Vogt. A Portrait of a Man of Many Facets.

Radio Feature
ORF 2014

53 min. 50 sec.

Werner Vogt first becomes a Jesuit teacher. Then he flees from the provinces to Vienna. Medical school is out of the question because the cadavers are too expenseive. Only when this misconception is overcome does nothing more stand in the way of this career choice. Except for he himself. “Conflicts are my form of love of neighbor,” he realizes, and he lives by this principle.

There was this counting-out rhyme: “South Tyrolers lead crooked lives, they cut your gut with crooked knives.” This saying is still ingrained deep in my memory, as I later realized that the contempt for Jews found a refuge in Tyrolean German. Why else would people call a cigarette butt they’re snuffing out a “Jew”? (Werner Vogt in an interview, 2014)


Ein Mann mit Eigenschaften: Werner Vogt. Porträt eines Vielseitigen.

Translation Geoffrey C. Howes